Hey Readers,

I recently completed my studies at the University of Technology, Jamaica in Business Administration. I studied Marketing with a minor in Banking and Financial Services. I started this blog because I seriously wanted to document my pursuit for a job. I will try my best to update the blog daily which I hope  I will accomplish seeing that I do not have a job.It will also document all the steps taken in trying to land a job.

I was watching CNN channel earlier this week and came across a report providing tips for the unemployed. We all know the recession the US market is in and since then most reports are centered on surviving the recession. The report highlighted a website that provides users with the opportunity to post their resumes online. With this, audio/video clips and images may also be posted on the site. I thought what a creative and innovative idea for any individual to take on.

So I did. I will post a link to the resume I created below. I have used the audio/video options on the site yet, but I intend to do so soon.With the economic times across the world it is very hard to land a job. It is even harder for those employed to keep their job since most employers are cutting workers. It is even more true that all those techniques like Networking are even more critical more than ever.

So without further ado check the site out and you may just want to create your own online resume.