A new popular dance has emerged in the dancehall music in Jamaica, it is called daggering. This is a dance move that involves both genders forcefully pushing their bodies against each other to resemble sexual contact. The songs which are featured on several rhythms involve dancehall artists declaring their sexual abilities in demanding ways. All songs with the words or connoting daggering are banned locally in Jamaica and Guyana but are allowed in other parts of the world.

Jamaica is known internationally for their homophobic lyrics and also for dancehall music which is loved world wide. Public outrage caused the government to ban these lyrics in the media with sanctions to media outlets who broadcast lyrics of this nature.

What are becoming of a trend lately are the dangers that also come with the participation of this particular dance move. In the past, popular dance moves that were created also caused public outrage when persons started to injure themselves because of the popularity of it. This was the same case with the dance move ‘dutty wine’. This is a dance where ladies would swing their necks in circular motions very quickly which is also accompanied with the wining of the hips. This move became popular with even popular hip-hop artists incorporating this dance move in their videos.

However, the same is occurring with daggering. Recently, reports surfaced that a female was daggered to the point where her injury was not noticed by the male who continued to dagger his partner although her neck was injured after sitting in a bath tub. Another video surfaced where a new trend is to throw the female to different male dancers who would catch the female to dagger her as well. But, this catch was not successful causing the woman to hit her head on the pavement causing injury. She was immediately rushed to the hospital.


What is surprising about this dance move is that it is being promoted by those in the dance fraternity who glamorize this trend which makes it appealing for others. Notwithstanding, persons do not take into consideration their safety and the safety of others. What is more telling is that of the Jamaican culture where we celebrate anything that is vulgar, and dangerous. This dance move which took Jamaica by storm was curbed with the government placing a ban on the music which was being played on the airwaves. But can more be done? No. Not in culture where everything sexual is glorified and where anything to show a man’s power over a woman is praised.

You can watch this act of daggering in the video below with also the injuries that might occur.