michael_jackson_died(2)The world said farewell to the world’s greatest entertainer today. As I watched the ceremony I was glued to the television set as the events unfolded from the private ceremony to the ceremony designed for the public.

The world saw the birth of a legend and bid the final goodbyes to the man dubbed the king of pop Michael Jackson.

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The ceremony was filled with emotive speeches and wonderful singing. The song rendered by Mariah Carey clearly was emotional as it was reported she cried backstage before going on stage. Clearly, this was not her best performance but she did justice to the song. Other celebrities gave tributes with the song ‘Heal the world’ closing the ceremony.

Personally, I found the ceremony enriching as I was born in the era where Jackson’s music was popular. I grew up hearing his music but only in his death recognized that this was the man who was touching our souls with this music all along. I loved his music as the attention to detail and what made his music Michael Jackson made me love it more. I love chorale music and most of the songs I love from Michael has a chorale touch to it which makes it all the better.

Below is a video clip of the song Jennifer Hudson did at the ceremony. I loved this song so much and my girl Jennifer Hudson did justice to it. She looks beautiful in her pregnancy glowing in white.

Michael Jackson had lots of controversies in his lifetime and even in death he will leave this earth with questions surrounding his burial.

May his soul rest in peace.

Will we see another performer like him? Who can tell, maybe not in this lifetime but others will rise to the challenge giving great performances and wonderful music to listen to.