I am Corve (Cor-vv) DaCosta. Age 23 years. I am from the Caribbean – Jamaica. First a global citizen and you will see that in my blog entries. I graduated from University of Technology, Jamaica with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing with a minor in Banking and Financial Services.

I am interested in music (classical to gospel), blogging, photography, fashion – modeling, reading, teaching, learning new information – love the languages and surfing the internet.

Since leaving school, my energies have been placed into looking for a job. During that time I decided since I have so much free-time why don’t I blog. I took it up and I am enjoying every moment of it. I love reading and expressing myself and this facilitates that in a great way.

GQ Ready

GQ Ready

I studied Marketing in university. I found it so enlightening because everything we see everyday marketing is involved. Therefore I will constantly have a job lol. I keep wondering why I don’t have one now. The time will come. I just have to understand the period businesses are operating now and wait till that interview opportunity presents itself.

I think in life I will be in the classroom at the tertiary level lecturing part-time and working in the corporate world full-time. I love both aspects and that is my aim.

Enjoy my blog and I hope you will click on the page again.