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AI & Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

I am sure you have worked on a project, a team or a show (production) before. If you haven’t it takes a lot of hard work and tenacity to stay focused. It is a wonderful feeling seeing the event’s proceedings on stage, presenting that project or even winning the match. To see the hard work paying off with huge successes is a vital component. American Idol the epitome of reality television with a focus on seeking new talent is a model which many talent competitions globally have copied to become successful. A major component of a show like this is the host/presenter, and the judges; apart from the production crew and contestants. These people really bring the show together plummeting it to a higher level.

The American Idol’s judges are the real stars of the show. Their experience in the entertainment industry makes their comments valuable and their efforts to train new talents entering the industry worth the while. Each judge on the show will grow into his/her own persona that many viewers will come to love. What is amazing about the show’s model is that those who copy the American Idol structure also copy the judge’s personalities in their own. Therefore, one judge will be very feisty, the other most likely to be encouraging and the other walking the middle of the road. To this end, that makes this a winning strategy for the show and people have come to love and trust the talents that the show crowns as the ultimate winner.

Many times our hard work and sacrifices are never rewarded. This leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many viewers who have come to appreciate the show. Recently, Paula Abdul a judge on American Idol show was sent packing after not negotiating successfully her compensation package. This is after the host/presenter was given a huge increase with other judges on the panel receiving higher packages.

I think if anyone was in Paula Abdul’s positions would petition for a higher contract package. The negotiations didn’t materialize positively for Abdul resulting in the execs cutting her from the panel. For those who have come to love Abdul over the years they are saddened by the outcome. I am upset that the execs could not have seen it fit to give Abdul a proper wage package to continue the show. After all, the show can well afford paying her what she’s really worth. Each week they announce the record number of votes that the contestants bring in. Where are these profits going? I do think it was right to give Seacrest such a high increase and not have enough to satisfy Paula Abdul. Are the execs sexists?

Maybe it’s time to move on for Abdul though. It may be a blessing in disguise. Whatever it is this was not fair treatment of a judge that made the show what it has become today. There is no doubt in our minds that the American Idol show is successful and they produce successful artistes. People in organizations must be rewarded equally for their output and time invested. It is sad to see Paula Abdul go in this way. No one expected it. I just hope the show’s organizers will rethink their decision. If not, good luck AI and get a job soon Abdul.

American Idol 2009

American Idol

American Idol

This season of the mother of all talent shows the American Idol was a thriller. The season featured future stars especially the top two Kris Allen who won and Adam Lambert who finished second. Kris Allen was completely shocked when Ryan Seacrest announced him as the winner of the competition. This came as a surprise because all season long and even the night before the announcement the judges were all bidding Kris Allen farewell giving the title to Adam Lambert who is said to be gay.


Voting time was extended for the finale which made the final show the highest number of votes. This year votes almost reached 100 million. There is always an argument that voters should not be allowed to vote more than once. However, it will only make more sense from a business point of view to allow persons to vote as many times as they wish.

This year idol went for a ride. The season had its highs and lows with many production glitches. The shows production was up with a stage and the lighting was much better almost replicating what took place in the X Factor.


This voting also has a politics component if you look at it intently. Kris Allen is said to be from the south. Historically the south votes more in comparison to other regions in America. So for some the Kris Allen win did not come as a surprise. Some are also saying that because the judges were praising Adam Lambert so well this may have outraged the Kris Allen supporters making them vote more than once. But there is also another argument that I find interesting. The issue of marketability. Many would think that the issue of marketability would not be said of Adam Lambert after all he epitomizes the pop culture clearly showing more personality that Kris Allen. However, most conservatives say that Kris Allen is the true American Idol, improving on his talent, showing growth and clearly is the American man, married and attends church.

So, a winner has now been decided and although Adam Lambert may not have won one thing remains true, they will all become stars, making millions.