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They all are newspapers but they now have websites publishing their work online. Traditionally, one would wake up and if you work a nine to five job, you may have access to the office newspaper. For others, you might buy the newspaper on the streets to read. In a world where access to news is becoming more popular, are newspapers becoming outdated or can they still be relevant?

With the growing use of news networks both on radio and television, bloggers, and social networks, the news offered by newspapers are outdated. Most times they have to wait hours to print the next publication. By this time, the news has developed into something more than the initial issue. The burden is left up to journalists who should write news stories to still make the issue topical and news breaking.

We live in societies where the young are not interested in reading. But you might say how important are these sectors to the industry? They are important, ask any marketing manager of any firm and they will attest that the young in any market are driving innovativeness.  Where the younger generations are not interested in sitting and turning from page to page to view late news, newspapers must seek to become innovative to make the news accessible to people in ways that are more innovative. It is interesting that users of the internet will prefer to read online articles than skip pages of a newspaper.

Journalists are given the responsibility to inform the general public of what’s happening in the society. There duties are even more important in societies where there is a free market in the media industry. Journalists try to inspire, persuade and change opinions in their work. Through this, newspapers have added features to their package to make it more appealing. Newspaper features include: editorials, opinion pages, and different aspects which are targeted to entertainment and social activities. This adds some relevance to the product.

Newspapers have their relevance in societies to inform and to provide serious journalism. For those who opt not to use the internet surely the newspaper is a definite alternative to source breaking and topical news. However, if newspapers are to remain open for business in the near future they must become more aware of the changes in technology.

They will become outdated if they do not change how they operate business. Newspapers internationally are becoming more than ever like a television network providing current breaking news stories. Newspaper companies should be seeking to have subscribers to their service where breaking news can be emailed and send to blackberries and cell-phones. This will make their service competitive and add relevance to their work. Newspaper companies should now become innovative to remain relevant or become outdated while technologies increase.

Corve DaCosta

Earlier this week, I wrote an article responding to an article that bashed a recent condom campaign in Jamaica. Today, my response was published in The Gleaner, a local Jamaican paper.

Have a read.

Jamaica Gleaner News – Embracing sex education – Letters – Wednesday | June 10, 2009

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If you happen to be reading this blog you might already know about Twitter, Twittering and Tweets.

There is a new buzz around, it is called Twitter. Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send and read each other’s updates, known as tweets. This service was made popular by normal everyday users but was plummeted to popularity by celebrities, even politicians. The service allows users to have followers who receive these updates instantaneously. These followers can also update their friends with these tweets, thus making twittering all the fun.

But why would politicians get in on twitter?

In an age where voters are not interested in politics, any way to help in the process cannot be that bad. Politicians in the United States of America on all sides are using Twitter to connect with their constituents. There is no way constituents can keep track of what representatives do while their in office. However, twitter opens the door for politicians to inform, entertain and connect with voters immediately. Clearly, users must be very careful of the information they share on twitter. There is no way it will be cool for politicians to tweet private information that the public isn’t privy to see.  Politicians can also use this tool to break news. If you are a news junkie like me, I am not always tuned into CNN, MSNBC, NBC, FOX etc. If you happen to be in Jamaica, you might be listening Nationwide, RJR or Power 106.

Here are some tips for politicians who decide to use Twitter:

1. Keep it Simple

To help in this aspect tweets are limited to 140 characters so be brief and to the point but with content.

2. Dedicate some tweets for Entertainment

Constituents do not expect you in anyway to be locked in on Parliament/Senate/ or Ministerial duties 24/7. So inform your followers when you are relaxing or even at a social event. Politicians who can show both a hardworking image and an image that you can chill and have fun are always pluses for voters. Keep in mind, not too many tweets about fun though!

3. Never share private information.

4. Be engaging

Reply to questions that are asked. Refer correspondents to sources for more information. This will show that you care.

5. Grow your follower base

This is what assistants are for. Use personal assistants to grow and expand your popularity. In an era where connecting to the youth vote is a must, this is a great tool for any politician who is seeking re-election.

F_317522_c6KHZ1f7HreolYV5FYUQNSGhVw1gLnThe recent campaign by the Ministry of Health in Jamaica with the tagline ‘Pinch, leave an inch, roll’ has come under fire from certain sectors of the society. Esther Tyson, principal of Ardenne High School in Kingston, Jamaica wrote an article in the Sunday Gleaner condemning the campaign calling for serious adjustments to the message. Her new tagline for the campaign would state ‘value self, value others; self-control and true love waits.’

We live in a society that is over sexualised with not only images but also heavily present in our music. The fact remains that our young people are having unprotected sex and the Ministry of Health recognizes this.  Any campaign that is geared towards educating and influencing the use of condoms with the youth must be embraced. The youth globally not only unique in Jamaica are faced with choices daily and most times the values we would ideally want our youth to accept are ignored upon. Societies today are not projecting the conservative values we are told of. Instead, young individuals are bombarded with the acceptable behaviours of promiscuity and unsafe sexual habits.

The Jamaican society has been characterized as a Christian one. However, one would think the church would be vocal on certain issues but on the contrast they are numb and quiet leaving a sector of society to be leaders teaching our children that unprotected sex is real love. Our youth today has taken that message as gospel preaching it to those who they come in contact with, developing a culture where we have accepted sexual activities among young individuals as a norm.

How do we now combat this problem? The advertising campaign suggested by Esther Tyson to promote value self cannot work. Young individuals are battling low self-esteems, no confidence within themselves and a society where they are searching for role models. Valuing Others? Jamaica is currently one of the murder capitals of the world. We have no respect for life or anyone’s life in this country. True love? If a research should be conducted I am positive the percentage would be high of children born out of wedlock. Therefore the campaign that Tyson suggests is nonsensical, and cannot work in this society. The fact is, the campaign suggested by Tyson would be looked down upon and revamped to change its message simply because it would not be current.

The Ministry of Health’s campaign was spot on. Recognizing that young people today are participating in activities like this, arming them with the correct information can only assist. The campaign teamed up with popular show Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall and it was a perfect match because the target audience were fans of the popular show.

It is a pity that Tyson reminds me of Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin as a conservative believes that sex should be solely between married couples. However, Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin got pregnant at only 17 years of age. Sarah Palin as a republican politician has been preaching for all her political life of the sacredness of sex and marriage; when in her own household her daughter was ignoring this message. Esther Tyson serves as principal of Ardenne High School, a top school in Kingston, Jamaica. One would think she would have on the ground experience of what is happening to our youth today. However, Tyson still chants from her high seat that the campaign should be ‘value self, value others; self-control and true love waits.’ One thing is for sure, her students are chanting a different message of ‘Pinch, leave an inch, roll.’

It is time we accept the world we live in presently and start accepting the truth. We live in a society where sorry to say sexual promiscuity is a current trend which is very attractive to our young people. We need more innovative campaigns that will challenge stats quo and be different. After all we are in 2009 and not the 1960’s.

Corve DaCosta

Young vs Old

Corve DaCosta

42-17131830Many successful companies pride themselves on having the best employees. But could having a mixture of young and old make your business more successful? While the jury is out, I do believe that having the right mixture can make your business even more successful. In this article the age range thought of as young will be from 18-30 while the more mature audience will range from 31 upwards.

Many mature employees have a problem with young individuals joining their departments because they see this as a threat. This is because a young employee brings so much to the table while some may bring little. But in essence, in the professional world, many persons who join successful organizations are typically career driven and are most times motivated.

The young employee will bring smart, needed energies; innovative ideas as well as they are more connected with developing trends in society that businesses can use to grow their profit line. In this age, we have seen where companies are using social networks to be more marketable. They have coined the term Social Market Strategies. However, this is just the means where businesses use techniques such as blogging, twittering and connecting with customers on sites like Facebook. Who are they depending on to lead these new initiatives? The young, after all they are more aware of the technology and know how of the internet.

Communicating effectively with employees is imperative for a healthy work environment. Both the young and the old must share the same environment and clearly there are clashes in this regard. Where clashes occur I believe that there should be strong management in place to ensure that rules are maintained and that no employee is disrespected. When things go wrong in organizations it may take many years to solve because the same persons are in the environment. Communication is key and where age is not the only factor that separates the two, language barriers, and social etiquette are all other factors that play a role. It is left up to management now to create the right culture in organizations where both the young and the old can agree on terms in the work environment.

In business schools today, students are taught how to extend the life of a brand. The concept is the same, if management is not prepared to research, become innovative then other brands will emerge and take the market share. I believe it’s just the same with the young and the mature employees in any business. If a company is not prepared to employ young individuals who have innovative and smart ideas then be assured that that company will be losing out. Companies today must be prepared to think young and outside the box to touch markets that have been untouched and be reachable to markets that they thought they could not reach.

Young people today are filled with energies we didn’t have when we were younger. It is up to us to use those energies to make our businesses so much more than we thought it could be.

Written by Ross Sheil.

With both main political parties touting their ‘e-credentials’ it remains to be seen how effective Internet campaigning has become and who is more popular online. The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) recently announced that its website has received 1.2 million ‘hits’ since it launched November last year while the People’s National Party (PNP) claims 119,693 ‘visitors’ since July 2001.

However these statistics can be misleading. Firstly the numbers have to be verified and secondly the statistics are made from different measurements; browsing a web page can generate several hits whereas visitors to a website are single – in other words, visitors are worth more than hits. Are politicians getting to grips with the Internet?

Both parties are aware of the potential offered by the Internet to reach younger voters who are increasingly living their lives on social networking websites such as Hi5, MySpace and Facebook. Earlier this year The Gleaner reported on an Internet prankster who had posted Hi5 profiles impersonating Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and her predecessors P.J. Patterson and Edward Seaga.

While the elderly Mr. Seaga was unaware of Hi5 – he took the joke in his stride – the JLP whom he once led, are making full use of the technology.

JLP has a channel on YouTube, the video-sharing website, with the two parts of its infamous ‘Not Changing the Course’ advertisement – mocking Mrs. Simpson Miller and her government – viewed almost 6,000 times in total.

The PNP have not yet officially stepped into the YouTube arena. The most popular PNP-related video on the site, featuring deejay Cutty Ranks performing a tribute to Michael Manley*, has 21,909 views. However as at the rallies themselves this may just reflect a greater public interest in hearing what a deejay has to say, rather than the politicians sharing the stage.

If the parties listen to young voters like 20-year-old Corve DaCosta then by the next election at least – when broadband access will have become more widespread – they will be increasingly targeting the Internet audience. Gleaner Online spoke to Mr. DaCosta via instant messenger having located him on the G2K Hi5 group.

“If politicians use the channel appropriately and persuasively I believe it will really sensitise me and other young people who use the Internet,” he said.

Additional reporting by Jaevion Nelson

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Poor and Boasy with host Empree

Poor and Boasy with host Empress

Tiki - Magnum Queen of Dancehall

Tiki - Magnum Queen of Dancehall

If the crowd that packed Weekendz Nightclub, in Kingston on Sunday, May 3, 2009 is to be interpreted then the producers of the new hit show may need a new location. The Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall were crowned last Sunday with a huge show that showcased the top 10 finalists all performing. Tiki and Poor and Boasy were crowned at the end as the ultimate winners. The show must be commended for its originality and for portraying a genre of talent competition in Jamaica that was not on mainstream television. I believe the show was different in that it didn’t seek to attempt to imitate the mother of all talent competitions ‘American Idol’.

However, the judges must be commended for their real comments. They were not their only to criticize and commend the contestants on the show weekly. But as the season progressed we saw where the comments were expressed to improve the contestant’s craft in the business. The roles of the judges were also critical. Mr. Burrell as the producer, Ms. Kitty a popular radio presenter and DJ General Degree a veteran in the business each week expressed comments from different aspects of the business each exposing the contestants to what the industry requires.

The show begins each week with a dancehall fashion show which should be improved in future seasons. The models are amateurs and I believe if professionals are used then designers will get more from this segment. After all, it’s business.

The star of this season really goes to Poor and Boasy who walked away with a million dollars cash. His personality and ability to show charisma which Jamaicans are known for made him the most popular among the viewers. In addition to his persona viewers cannot ignore his life story. As a 19 year old washing car windows in Half Way Tree, who question himself daily about his life and future, it must have taken great strength to become the champion, knowing you are fighting not only for your future but also your daughter’s. The same goes for the Queen of Dancehall Tiki. Her ability to write songs that are easy to sing makes her unforgettable and that is critical in any industry, you want people to remember you. She reminds me of Beyonce in some ways, if you look at Beyonce’s songs they all are have catchy phrases that connect with her audience. This is a huge lesson for artistes today not only to write lyrics that make sense but also have entertainment quality.

In conclusion, I believe that Magnum will continue to support this show. Who can forget the brand’s image and phrase “di magnum ina him” which only did the brand well. The producers must therefore see how they can improve on the product by providing a world class show which would mean a bigger production set and better producing. All the mishaps in production must not be repeated but better talents should now come to the forefront to take dancehall which is bigger than all of us to a higher level.

Corve DaCosta

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