This post will look at two movies, Avatar and Up in the Air.

These are the hottest movies to start the year with. I watched Avatar last week and saw Up in the Air a few nights ago. Two very different movies, totally different budgets, and will receive two different classes of ratings – both rated among the best. I am no movie critic but here is my take on the movies.

Up in the Air

If you were ever to hear the words “You’re fired” who would you want to hear it from? The famous Donald Trump, Ashton Kutcher, your company’s CEO, or your direct manager/supervisor. Imagine a stranger entering your firm to deliver the bad news. The movie Up in the Air directed by James Reitman is about Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) whose duty is to travel across the USA delivering the sad news to employees who have been ‘let go’; by their managers. Interesting job, Isn’t it? Achieving 10 million flier miles just by his job he doesn’t see the importance of relationships and rightfully so, Ryan Bingham has no time to date and cannot devote his attention to anyone because of his busy schedule. Interestingly, he meets Alex Goran (Vera Farmiga). They have a great chemistry, similar job – travelling and falls in love – well Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) does. The movie reveals a damning revelation which ends their relationship. A little secret – Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) took relationships for a joke and the one person (Alex Goran) who he took seriously was playing him for a joke. How this was revealed is sad so that is another reason to watch the movie.

Clooney is great in the movie. I do not particularly like the second half of the movie. It became slow. The first half was fantastic Clooney was at his best and I believe that’s what people/critics will remember – acting was great.

Up in the Air has received awards and nominations including six Golden Globe Nominations – Best Picture, Best Director and Lead Actor for Clooney. The movie will certainly do well this award season – expect some Oscar buzz of course.

Jason Reitmam who directed the movie did an awesome job. The cinematography was good. I liked the first ten minutes of the film – just great on film – not your normal introduction.

However, before I watched the movie I checked out the movie trailer. I must say if George Clooney wasn’t in the movie I wouldn’t have watched it – going by the trailer. However watching the movie now makes perfect sense why that script made the trailer.

Up in the Air deserves a watch for sure. I don’t think I would watch it again – it’s not memorable.

4 out of 5.


James Cameron

I watched Titanic and didn’t know the name James Cameron. Dumb! The movie Avatar will make you remember him for his stellar work in this film. You have amazing and awarded directors but this guy will receive all the accolades and deserves them this time around. He has no competition.

Avatar has grossed over $1 Billion already and it is the second highest grossed movie of all time. Titanic is the highest in history and grossed $1.842 billion. In the weeks the movie was released Avatar has done so well already. Will it beat Titanic? Duh!!!

That goes to show how good this film is. Do not read the reviews for the film, well you can. Set a date, you will need almost 3 hours – not as bad as Titanic (in hours) – and enjoy the movie. We always hear about movies with great graphics, this is real graphics – $500 million alone on graphics. From start to finish the movie is captivating. If you’re into politics you will love it, movie haters will love it, move lovers will be addicted to it, bloggers will watch it because they read it here. Lol  The movie is that good.

Watch it also because they film had no sex scene. I sat in my seat and wondered how these people who make out. Well Avatar did film a sex scene and it will be on the DVD. If someone asks you what you did to start the new decade – say you watched Avatar. This is the movie of the decade – it is beyond it’s time.

Avatar will be nominated at all the award shows this year. Expect Oscar buzz and expect the movie to win big and to be a major contender in any category. Can I say Avatar is nominated in the same categories with Up in the Air? Avatar steals the show for me.
Avatar – unrated. Perfection for what it is.