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Obama’s Nightmare!

mcdonnell_christie2_doomsday_604x341Just mere hours ago two republican representatives won their governor races. This is an exciting time for the Republican Party since their landslide loss in the general elections. This means that Obama will have a harder time passing his agenda based on the politics.

With this the only election before 2010 the media was excited about this ‘local’ election. I watched wall to wall coverage on Fox News and CNN as they delved in on the issues and messages within the wins. It is a horrible time to be President because of the myriad challenges Obama faces. He has failed to deliver on stimulating the economy and what is being stimulated aren’t jobs, jobs, jobs which the people really need.

Today, Obama is looking back wondering what went going wrong. Is the honeymoon all over?

If you noticed, liberals and moderate democrats have been distancing themselves and the President from the democratic candidates – which is only politics. However, Obama campaigned especially for the former Governor – Corzine. So to say Obama’s role was absent should not accepted as an argument.

It is interesting to see how future elections will go since the two democrats who affiliated themselves with Obama lost. It is an exciting time for politics and we just can’t wait for 2010 to come.

Interpretation of this win

People are upset with Obama. He ran a campaign saying he was different and he was about to change Washington. The truth is this is all political talk and he has failed to change it. He has pushed forward legislation which increases spending at a time which governments should be cutting back. As this goes on, more jobs are being lost, more homes in foreclosures and people are struggling. These wins are intended to send a signal to Obama that hey it’s not all democratic country yet. Weeks ago there was a report saying that republican numbers are dying. Well we saw what happened. Republicans are on the rise and are back on track.


Will we see more republican representative elected in 2010? Or will be see democrats retaining their seats?

Time will tell. The fact is if Obama continues on this road of high spending, higher taxes, he will not see a double term. Was he ever thinking of one?

Written by Ross Sheil.

With both main political parties touting their ‘e-credentials’ it remains to be seen how effective Internet campaigning has become and who is more popular online. The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) recently announced that its website has received 1.2 million ‘hits’ since it launched November last year while the People’s National Party (PNP) claims 119,693 ‘visitors’ since July 2001.

However these statistics can be misleading. Firstly the numbers have to be verified and secondly the statistics are made from different measurements; browsing a web page can generate several hits whereas visitors to a website are single – in other words, visitors are worth more than hits. Are politicians getting to grips with the Internet?

Both parties are aware of the potential offered by the Internet to reach younger voters who are increasingly living their lives on social networking websites such as Hi5, MySpace and Facebook. Earlier this year The Gleaner reported on an Internet prankster who had posted Hi5 profiles impersonating Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and her predecessors P.J. Patterson and Edward Seaga.

While the elderly Mr. Seaga was unaware of Hi5 – he took the joke in his stride – the JLP whom he once led, are making full use of the technology.

JLP has a channel on YouTube, the video-sharing website, with the two parts of its infamous ‘Not Changing the Course’ advertisement – mocking Mrs. Simpson Miller and her government – viewed almost 6,000 times in total.

The PNP have not yet officially stepped into the YouTube arena. The most popular PNP-related video on the site, featuring deejay Cutty Ranks performing a tribute to Michael Manley*, has 21,909 views. However as at the rallies themselves this may just reflect a greater public interest in hearing what a deejay has to say, rather than the politicians sharing the stage.

If the parties listen to young voters like 20-year-old Corve DaCosta then by the next election at least – when broadband access will have become more widespread – they will be increasingly targeting the Internet audience. Gleaner Online spoke to Mr. DaCosta via instant messenger having located him on the G2K Hi5 group.

“If politicians use the channel appropriately and persuasively I believe it will really sensitise me and other young people who use the Internet,” he said.

Additional reporting by Jaevion Nelson

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