I have lived for 22 years (almost 23 years) and ashamedly I have not boarded an aircraft. 😦 You may comfort me by saying “I’m not alone.” I know I will one day because it has always been my dream to travel exotic locations and of course experience different cultures outside of 3rd world Jamaica. I know this year I will be flying. Stay tuned and you will know when it happens. Let’s say that it is one of the goals I want to achieve this year in 2010. I have many friends and family members who have travelled and their experiences of course make me want to fast forward my lifelong dream. As I am penning this post, my mom is freezing in New York. Lucky, right?

In recent times and from ever since there have been terror in the skies. Terrorism is not a far fetched threat these days but it is only a matter of time before the lunatics strike. The government has a duty to protect its people and they should take the blame if any accidents God forbid should occur. As Obama should be vacationing in Hawaii he is busy meeting to ensure what happened recently does not occur again.

With these threats in the skies, security measures must be increased. Passengers on airlines must not be annoyed with all the security checks but should encourage it to ensure their own safety is not compromised in the skies. Of course since we are going to blame the politicians and security agencies and airport authorities when things go wrong; it is also a political issue. How does the left deal with terrorists and how does the right? We get caught up in our own ideologies and miss the point that we should enforce a zero tolerance approach to groups who want to cause harm.

After the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon there were many books written about the heroes on the flights. I bought one called Let’s Roll by Tod Beamer’s wife and I must say I find that recording inspiring, uplifting and it challenges one to become a hero. It appears these acts of heroic strengths continue today. With the recent failed attack on Delta Airlines there were a few passengers who sprung into action to disarm the terrorist. However, I think about this each time – Would I have reacted in the same way those heroes responded?

Before I was held up by five young men with knives and guns I had a plan of action of how I would react if a gunman would attempt to rob me. When I was faced with the situation head on I failed miserably. I was so shocked and heart broken I gave in to the request of the robbers which was the safest thing to do. Luckily I escaped because other persons were near the incident.

The plans you make today on how you will respond in danger are great and could work. However, it takes a different mindset to activate your plan of action. If you feel like a victim you will never be the hero of the day. Whatever mentality those heroes are in, certainly it takes a powerful mind to get up and take down someone that could be detonated at any time.

I hope I do not encounter any of that craziness when I fly. I guess none of the 300 passengers expected their flight to have a terrorist aboard or the passengers aboard American Airline’s 331 flight that crashed in Jamaica after the plane overshot the runway or those on the 9/11 flights.

I hope all the terrorists take a day off when I fly. Wishful thinking!

We better be prepared the day we fly. It is one of the risks we have to deal with when flying in 2010 and beyond. Remember your actions could determine your fate and your neighbour’s fate.

Surely the bad guys will strike but we ought to support the agencies that are working hard to keep us safe in the skies. I will not allow misguided terrorists or others to cause to live in a box. I will achieve my goal one day this year and that is to fly to a destination and have fun. Who knows? It could be on business.

Below are some photos taken from the American Airline crash site in Kingston Jamaica. I thought I would share a few.

Impressive photo.

No lives were lost.

The debris on the shore looks horrible. Hope they will clean this up.

That is a main road to the right of the crash site. The plane raced across the road and landed where it is feet away from the Caribbean Sea.