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I believe in community service. Volunteering is an activity that should be promoted more as social ills exist in our societies and this can reduce the harmful effects of these. Companies invest heavily in community service because they understand the relationship with giving back and the prospects for profitability. In business they practice what is called social responsibility and develop foundations to serve this purpose. Partnerships with other groups (community service oriented) are made to have a larger impact on a particular cause. Some companies however, will find unique ways to make a profit helping a cause. This is called cause-related advertising. For example Apple will say purchase this I-Phone and 5% of sales will go towards cancer research. On the other hand we have advocacy advertising and this is where a company will dedicate advertising to a particular cause with no profit making intentions. Not that you needed to know but now you know.

Beenie Man with LIME Execs

Beenie Man with LIME Execs

Just today in a local Jamaican newspaper LIME (an international telecommunications company) and Beenie Man (an international reggae artist) donated two computers to a city police station here in Kingston, Jamaica. This is wonderful and all these things to have two entities like these give back to society. We may not see the computers at work but surely they will assist the police in crime fighting. Congratulations and kudos to them.


Back in March a group under my leadership and others participated in a community service activity at the Jamaica National Children’s Home. As students we participated in painting a section of the male dorm, manicured their lawn and surroundings, took personal care of the children at the home, assisted with homework and reading, played games, partnered with the National Commercial Bank Foundation and one of the top meal providers to donated food items, provided lunch, gifts etc. We worked hard to get the sponsorships we acquired to make the day a success. We also had the reigning Miss Jamaica Universe giving a talk on the importance of giving back.

April Jackson - Miss Jamaica Universe 2008

April Jackson - Miss Jamaica Universe 2008

There is no way I am comparing what we did months ago to what LIME and Beenie Man has done, clearly they are different. There is a point though. These two institutions command millions of monies annually and although we are happy that they donated the two computers it leaves a bad taste to see them only donating two based on the market they command. LIME is a company that offers computers with their product line certainly donating only two just proves where their priority is. If they wanted public relations they got it. I am not sure people are going to look on and say wow let me take my business to LIME. They could have maximized on this opportunity by donating to a few more police stations (at least two) with the same two computers; that would have been a bigger statement and a more news worthy item.

I hope my readers will get the point. I am in no way ungrateful for the effort. From a business point of view the business I am not sure they communicated their core values in this PR. Beenie Man on his own could have donated the two computers, even more so LIME who is in this area of business. Companies want to show they care, they can do things big and they are socially responsible. Although we are in a recession we cannot donate ‘recessionously’- cheaply – do things the proper way.

Selling in a Recession

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar for a top company seeking Business Development Executives – Sales Representatives. The presentation was enlightening and informative as it highlighted the rigorous industry and the need for companies to go beyond their expectations to be profitable.



This blog article will explore the risks and the general feel of operating a business in a recession. I do not feel that management teams in firms understand how to operate a business in a recession. We all know how to manage our firms when everything is going well, sales are coming in and the market is there for our products or services. I feel though that companies should always be operating to expect a slow period. This way, all the strategies we were employing before will even make business flourish.

So, we are now in a deep recession with countries worldwide all now in a bid to ensure our budgets and deficits are erased trying to have surpluses. We all created this huge mess, spending more and not investing for the harsh economic times. Most companies now are employing Sales Teams in a quest to get new sales to ensure businesses stay afloat this low period.

Companies operating in today’s business environment think that lowering prices on products or services is the best way out. It may help some firms but certainly this won’t work for all. Most firms employing sales teams are doing so on commissions. This has its risks as new employees are so desperate to make quotas that sometimes real business strategies are not enforced with the need to make a sale the highest priority. Therefore, firms are at a huge disadvantage because the quest for building relationships is not important.

Employees need job security. Once employees feel that they are secured in their jobs they operate with a different mindset and purpose. Companies must be able to translate this purpose in Sales Teams in organizations. Clearly, because sales reps are paid based on commissions, sometimes they see themselves as outsiders; most times away from the confines of the firm on the street trying to make a sale.

Companies are in business first and foremost to make a profit. There are secondary objectives but primarily they are there to make a profit. All the strategies businesses use must be well developed with the business in mind. The world economic crises is not only affecting companies but also governments as they have bigger budgets to fill and huge demands internationally especially those with debts.

Companies who seek to employ sales teams in the form of Sales Representatives must be very careful as this could be the company’s worst nightmare. Sales Representatives must feel like they are apart of organizations. They must feel important and critical to the success of the firm. Anytime an employee feels secondary, they will employ different tactics to achieve their own agendas. Management is key is leading a company out of a recession into a period of constant productivity. For companies seeking Sales Teams it may seek wise but it may be disadvantageous for your company if not managed wisely.